Our sliding doors are easy to maintain and quiet to operate. Their design and solid security features offer both comfort and safety for exterior doors. Quality construction ensures high structural tolerances are maintained despite temperature and humidity changes.

Paragon Range

A practical solution for busy homes, the Paragon sliding door offers big views, generous ventilation and easy operation. The Paragon sliding door offers luxurious architectural aesthetics all while being durable, low maintenance with quiet and smooth operation.

The features of the Paragon aluminium sliding door include:

  • Self-draining sills and quality seals 

  • Toughened glass and a safety motive 

  • Available in double sliding, triple sliding and 4 panel configurations 

  • Matching insect, security and pet mesh screen options 

  • Double glazed option available 



Horizon Range

The Horizon aluminium sliding door designs open up new options for your entertaining and living areas. The Horizon sliding door provides a greater use of floor space. A wider door opening allows for greater ventilation and airflow without the fear of doors slamming in strong breezes.

The features of the Horizon aluminium sliding door include:

  • Smooth, quiet operation 

  • Internal sliding panel offering superior security 

  • Unobtrusive sliding panels maximise floor space 

  • Self-draining sills and seals 

  • Designs can be screened with insect screens and security screens